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The Easy Way To L.E.A.P. To The Top Of The Hiring List!


Dear Friend,

It may be difficult to get interviews, because "they" say you have been unemployed too long?

Or when you do get an interview, there are three thousand other people trying for the same job!

Here Is One Rediculously Easy Trick You Can Use

It is called a L.E.A.P. And before I show it to you, let me ask an important question...

How excited would you be if you knew a way to get interviews, and knew how to get to the top of the hiring list?

Even in a terrible job market?

You have been trying to find work, but your...

  • your fear level is rising
  • and your self-confidence is down
  • you find businesses only want to interview people who already have a job
  • t your family is worried,
  • you've been reading the "want ads" online and in the newspaper,
  • and making phone calls,
  • your benefits are about to run out - or already have
  • you may have even gone to a few interviews...

... and still no job!

You've been searching far too long now to wait any longer. It's time for you to get that job, but you don't know how!

Watch this 2 minute video to find out, because a L.E.A.P. can help you get interviews, and a L.E.A.P. will help you get to the top of the "hiring list."

Click the start triangle button to watch this 2 minute video and see what is in a L.E.A.P.

When You Include Part of Your L.E.A.P. In a Cover Letter, You Really Get An Employer's Attention!

And during an interview it will make you stand out as being someone they want.

The full L.E.A.P. form - and where to download a template of it - is in the new 2nd edition of "How You Find A Job Fast." (Available at Amazon as a printed book, or right at this webpage as a downloadable book.) In it you will also discover:

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How you are better than other job seekers
Why someone should hire you,
How you can benefit the employer,
How to write a L.E.A.P.,
How to be unique - integrate some of your L.E.A.P. into your How You Find A Job Fastcover letter, How to build your self-confidence,
How to solve an employer’s “pain point” or “Performance Gap,”
How to have specificity in marketing yourself to employers,
How to design a unique wording to easily gain interviews,
How to build a large network so you can find future jobs,
How to locate prospective employers,
How to add parts of your L.E.A.P. to cover letters,
How to define your perfect employer or job,
How to plan for your career growth,

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Would You Invest $10 In This Book Because It can...

  • Help You Get Job Interviews now, and...

  • Show You How Get To The Top Of The Hiring List At Your Next Job Interview?

I ask because there are people charging enormous amounts of money to "coach" job-seekers - hundreds of dollars per hour!

How can someone who is out of work afford to pay this?

How much would you invest in yourself to discover how to get hired?

10 Bucks? Actually Just $9.95

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Review at Amazon:

"In a tight job market, it is imperative for candidates to differentiate themselves from the competition in a professional way.The L.E.A.P. is a great concept to do exactly that.

Employers want to know that a candidate will be able to perform the job duties and contribute to an organization.

The L.E.A.P. and other suggestions in the book provide job candidates with specific examples of how to demonstrate their qualifications in the interview process.

Don and Ted have created in one book a good refresher on job search skills as well as a source of new ideas on how to stand out in a positive way. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews."

By B. Cooper - This review is from: How You Find A Job Fast (Paperback)

Gave it 5 stars at Amazon


And Another Review:

"I found it to be short, easy to read and contained many useful and well described tips and directions for the job hunter.

The LEAP process and its use is unique and intuitively offers merits. I have not yet used it in my job search process but plan to in the future to gauge it’s effect.

All in all, I feel the information contained will help improve my job search effectiveness." -- Dave McDowell

For that small $9.95 you will discover

  • how to get a job FAST
  • how to use your L.E.A.P. information to help get an interview
  • where to download the L.E.A.P. form ready for you to customize,
  • the important wording to use as present your L.E.A.P.
  • how to add part of your L.E.A.P. to your cover letter
  • how to be unique
  • what to do when the business owner is the interviewer
  • how to boost your self-confidence before the interview

The price, $9.95 for the downloadable Kindle eBook - it will be it in your computer or on your Kindle within a few minutes.

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Discover how to make the magic happen for you during the first 30 to 40 seconds of you job-interview so you can move to a top place on the hiring list.


book guarantee

Of course, we guarantee "How You Find A Job FAST" is everything we say it is, and more. If, after you purchase, you disagree, or don't like the strategies, or don't like... well, anything... here is Kindle's guarantee...

You can get "How You Find A Job FAST" right here as a downloadable eBook in .pdf format, and be reading it within the next few minutes.

I was talking with another hiring manager.

He said, “I almost always know within the first 30 or 40 seconds if I am going to hire a particular person.”

So I asked, “What would you do if someone walked into the interview and handed you a L.E.A.P. form?” And I described the simple form you are about to see in this website.

He said to me,

"I would Hire Them On The Spot!"

A L.E.A.P. is your Leading Employee Advantage Profile,

and it lets you demonstrate, within the first 30 to 40 seconds, how you will be the perfect person for them to hire

The L.E.A.P. is a written form. You will include some of it with your cover letter.

Once you get an interview you will hand your entire L.E.A.P. to an interviewer. It defines a few specific actions you will take once you are hired. These are simple things like:

Complete all Human Resources requirements and
Obtain feedback on first month’s performance

And we suggest what actions for you to put into your L.E.A.P. for the First week, then the First month, the Second month, and the Third month. 

While we have listed a large number of actions for you, you really only need to use a few. In the book, Ted and I recommend you use 3 or 4, but even choosing just 2 for each time frame will put you way out ahead of anyone else applying for the job.

Another Review:

"This is a great book for young job seekers. Both authors share their extensive experience with the job search process, from both sides.

They guide you through the career decisions you need to make to keep your skills current. Then show you how to L.E.A.P. ahead of your competition.

They give guidance on proper use of time, team work and marketing. The book shows ways to present your skills as benefits to your new employer. The authors show you how to be unique and differentiate yourself. They show that persistence can get you the job.

Also, guidance at interviews is throughly presented. And after you get the job they provide ideas on how you can keep it. The information is well organized and enjoyably presented. I recommend the book to anyone needing a new job."

- Curt Eads, Engineer

Gave it 4 stars at Amazon



Download the L.E.A.P. form already written!

We also reveal the location of a "secret" Webpage for you to sign-in and download a printed L.E.A.P. form for yourself. You won't need to type it all into your computer. We have already done it for you.

What Makes Us Experts?

Ted Leithart and I have spent years on the interviewing side of the table.

I have more than 38 years as a business owner interviewing job candidates for my businesses, and Ted Leithart was a hiring manager for a multinational corporation before starting his own marketing business for the retail industry.

Also we consulted with executve head hunter, Keith O'Brien. He teaches a process to the individual candidates he places and has been using this system for over 15 years. We call it the L.E.A.P.

It is proven...

... yet has only been revealed to a small number of people on a one to one basis.

In "How You Find A Job Fast" we begin your L.E.A.P. with a blank template example for you to customize. Then we show you 5 specific examples of L.E.A.P. forms we have created, one for each of 5 different job titles, so you can get an idea about how this works for different jobs.

And we created the L.E.A.P. in 3 different file formats for you to download...1. as a Microsoft Word .doc,  2- as a .txt file, and  3. as a .pdf file because then you can easily use it in your computer.

When you download the LEAP you will  see we have printed the specific actions in blue color type to make them stand out. You just keep the ones you want, and delete the rest. You can even customize any of them to make it more specific to the job.

We also teach you a simple statement to say as you hand your L.E.A.P. to an interviewer.

This particular statement creates what sales people call an assumptive close by assuming you will be given the job, and it gives the interviewer a very good reason to look at your L.E.A.P.

Interviewers want to hire self-starters who will make them (the interviewers) look good to upper management. And not only that, University studies prove an interesting fact...

...Interviewers almost always hire people they like!

Remember, first impression counts. You only have 30 to 40 seconds to make the interviewer want to hire you. The L.E.A.P. is only a small part of "How You Find A Job Fast." There is a great deal more.

What are you waiting for? Get it today if you want to know how to be hired. This book, about employment and how to get a job, is probably the best $9.95 you will ever spend on yourself.

And - it will be it in your Kindle within a few minutes to read.

Get it today, be closer to finding work tomorrow.


A business has 3 job openings, advertises it, and 379 people apply for those 3 positions! How will you get yourself ahead of those 379 unless you use what is in this book?


Please don't put this off to tomorrow when you might forget. Finding a job will NOT get any easier unless you read "How You Find A Job FAST." Do yourself a favor, and order it now.


Don Schenk



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